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Community Bank Northern Virginia's David P. Summers Also Texas Endovasc Penny Stock Fraudster

I only discovered the connection and double life of David P Summers Wednesday night while per using SEC filings for David P Summers and Mercantile Bankshares.As you will see below the SEC bank filings also listed Summers Endovasc ,American Biomed(both Texas 'biotech' pump and dump money laundering frauds),as well as his long time Community Bank of Northern Virginia connections.
Houston Biotech Fraud:David P Summers, Endovasc 'Genius' Really Corrupt DC. Banker
and Probable Money Launderer
by Tony Ryals


'Thank you for taking the time to comment on this release.
Your comments for file number S7-19-07 were received on February 7, 2008.
Please save this page for your records.'

- U.S. Securities Exchange Commission

My new email alias 'wolfblitzzer0' also has an internet legal and historic sentimental value to me .You can do a Google search 'wolfblitzzer0 cnn wolf blitzer' search to discover what I am talkng about or google
'wolfblitzzer0 tony ryals'. One might say I'm semi-infamous.........

This should be in 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' but you heard it right here from me,Tony Ryals,defrauded Endovasc investor, first ! No wonder David Marchant of offshorebusiness.con removed my posts re this breaking news immediately on Wednesday night when I posted it there.Although I have posted on his message board for years he has now banned me and calls me a 'conspiracy theorist' although he himself has unethical financial interests in promoting anonymous offshore accounts for people of questionable character and is blamed by his detractors(or victims) for leading many to put their money into a scam offshore Caribbean bank called Crozier in the 1990's .In truth encouraging Americans to remove their accounts from the U.S. to put into unregulated offshore accouints - whether in the Caribbean or the Middle East such as Dubai -(where the $70,000 check was sent to Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida from pre 9/11)should be highly discouraged - yet the Bush-Cheney regime themselves locate Haliburton and unregulated accounts there for themselves !

I was defrauded by D.C. Banker or Texas 'biotech genius' David P Summers,Montgomery,Texas Judge Ken Reilly,Houston Attorney John O'Quinn and Nevada 'transfer agent' Alexander H Walker ,Diane Dottavio,Texas mortician Robert Johnson, et.al.years ago.

Actually this Montgomery,Texas 'biotech' scam that claimed to be developing a Stanford University patent discovered by Stanford University reseaerchers or scamsters Chris Heeschen and John Cooke to use nicotine for 'angiogenesis' or blood vessel formation is still operating there under the protection of corrupt Judge Ken Reilly and Houston tobacco billionaire attorney O'Quinn although its worthless hundreds of millions of dumped shares now 'trade' for a fraction of a penny .

I had lost track of David P Summers a few years ago when he was having a dispute with Dwight Cantrell, his and Judge Reilly's 'business' partner ,who later died under mysterious circumstances - at least to me because although the Houston Chronicle reported his death and where to send donations or whatever - they made no mention of cause of death ! As you will see below,recent ragingbull.con anonymous chatter on its' EVSC or Endovasc 'message',or promotion, board led me to another scam 'biotech' company called METABOLIC RESEARCH, INC. where he is basically promoting the same old Stanford University originated stale fraud all over again. Is there no end to this corrupt money laundering banker's greed !?

I only discovered the connection and double life of David P Summers Wednesday night while per using SEC filings for David P Summers and Mercantile Bankshares.As you will see below the SEC bank filings also listed Summers Endovasc, American Biomed(both Texas 'biotech' pump and dump money laundering frauds),as well as his long time Community Bank of Northern Virginia connections.

While posing as a Tex-ass biotech snake oil salesman,'Dr.' Summers was really a very connected Beltway banker heading the Community Bank of Northern Virginia - as you can see below from an AP story that appeared in the Washington Post. :

'Community Bank was formed in 1991 to take over Community Bank Trust Co., a one-branch Sterling institution that had been declared insolvent by bank regulators.
'The company was organized by a group of former Dominion Bankshares Corp. officers and directors led by Joseph L. Malone and David P. Summers, who ran Dominion's operations in the Washington area in the 1980s. ......'

But indeed this is serious and shows that Beltway connected far right individuals have been able to operate with impunity in W Bush's post 9/11 world. To lie about U.S. securities and to even lead double lives of fraud and deceit while America hermorages dollars offshore in part from a war or two wars waged simultaneously in the Middle East enriching not only repressive China government but also W Bush's fascist Islamic Middle East allies including the bin Laden family and Saudi Arabian and Kuwait and UAE royals while we Americans are bled dry just like their targeted Iraqi and Afghan enemies !

In truth the Bush regime has waged war upon all of us Americans while allowing far right parasites such as David P Summers and his pals in the Beltway such as James Dale Davidson,friend to Texas Congressman and Republican securities fraudster Ron Paul and Steve Forbes of Forbes
'business' magazine.And Halliburton is not the only group of war criminals to relocate to Dubai.There has been a major shift in offshore fraud and money laundering to Dubai and the UAE since 9/11 that offshore scam artists and aiders and abettors such as Marchant of the Crozier Bank scandal and offshorebusiness.con do not allow
discussion of on his message board.

In truth the Beltway banker David P Summers should have disclosed years ago that he did not reside in Montgomery,Texas as his corrupt pals Judge Ken Reilly and Houston billionaire attorney John O'Quinn covered up - but was instead most of the time in the Washington,D.C. area being what he really was - a corrupt money laundering banker !

I would for space only quote a brief portion of this SEC filing below where no where does Summers mention he is moonlighting either as a banker in the Beltway or a Texas biotech con artist depending upon which one you(or he)thinks he is or was !However I fear it might disappear from a Google search if foir any reason secinfo takes it off line.

or david p summers&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2

To My Fellow Stockholders:
Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Dr. David P. Summers,
PhD. I am the founder of Endovasc, Inc. and the inventor of almost 100% of its technology (both patented and subject to trade secret protection). I am also a fellow shareholder of Endovasc, Inc. with over 10,000,000 shares in the company.
As you can see, I have a vested financial interest in the long term success of
the company.
I am writing to you because I want your proxy to get majority shareholder voting control over Endovasc, Inc. I want majority control to stop the run-a-way management style of the current officers and directors of the company. My plan
is simple, but I need your help to make a "clean sweep" of entrenched management who has led us down the slippery path to historic lows in share value.
First, I want to stop the loss in share value which is at historic lows. Second, I want to make sure that 200,000,000 new shares don't flood the market and further dilute share value. Third, I want to fire all of the officers and directors of the company and replace them with a new slate of nominees. Fourth, I want to make sure that (a) the existing Endovasc products get to market with
all the improvements that only I as the inventor can give them and to (b) add a line-up of new and exciting medical products that I have either invented or co-founded.
Here is what I request.
Vote "NO" to all of the proposals your have received in the Proxy Solicitation
of management of Endovasc, Inc.
Vote "Yes" on the BLUE PROXY form granting me your "YES" vote on my plan to
attend the reschedule Annual Meeting of Shareholders which is now set for
December 17, 2004. The original annual meeting set for November 19, 2004 had to
be continued for lack of a quorum of shareholders. On December 17, 2004, armed
with a majority of your "YES" proxy votes, I will fire all of the officers and
directors of Endovasc, Inc. and vote into office a new slate of three (3)
directors and officers composed of DR. DAVID P. SUMMERS, PHD to serve as a
Director and President; JANET TAN to serve as a Director; ROBERT A. BRANER to
serve as a Director; and MELISSA BLUE to serve as secretary-treasurer. If
necessary, we will appoint two (2) additional Directors to fill the expanded
PREC14A 3rd Page of 18 TOC 1st Previous Next Bottom Just 3rd
five member board of directors from a list of independent candidates that we are
currently reviewing.
Under new leadership, we can turn the corner of doom in less than 12 months and
be on our way to becoming a FIRST CLASS company. If I don't deliver what I am
preaching deliver by this time next year then you have the voting power to make
whatever changes you want at the 2006 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Remember,
this is your company and you the shareholders can and must control management
when it acts contrary to your financial interests!
At the Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Endovasc, Inc. to be held at Havens
Landing, 19785 State Highway 105 West, Montgomery, Texas, on December 17, 2004
(rescheduled from November 19, 2004 for lack of a quorum, management has
provided you with Proposal Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each and every one of these
proposals should be voted "NO" any your should vote "YES" to the Proposals A, B,
C and D of Dr. David P. Summers, PhD.
Thank you for taking the time to comment on this release.
Your comments for file number S7-19-07 were received on February 7, 2008.
Please save this page for your records.

Comments received from:
Tony Ryals
'Dr.' David P 'Naked Shorts' Summers a D.C banker ?
Email: wolfblitzzer0 (at) gmail.com


Although I posted my comments last night re my discovery that David P Summers who posed as a 'biotech' executive for years,particularly of Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas,
all the while apparently residing in the Beltway and in fact being a well connected banker there for years as the AP article of 2005 in the Washington Posat and SEC filings substantiate - somehow it did not post today.
I will add the Washington Post - AP article here for the record and hope that it posts tomorrow.No wonder he has had such good working relations with the National Taxpayers Union founder and Steve Forbes colleague,James Dale Davidson,- they are virtual neighbors and both live but a stones throw away from the Securities Exchange Commission and its corrupt Chairman Christopher 'Naked Shorts'Cox.No wonder Cox has lied to protect them claiming such scams as Endovasc,Jag Media Holdings,Overstock.com and Taser stun gun etc. shares were victims of 'naked shorting' - all the while knowing of the offshore bank accounts and onshore stock manipulations that were transpiring for years
'Dr.' David P Summers NEVER disclosed that he was 'moon-lighting' as a well respected banker for those same years in the Beltway simultaneously This is government sanctioned fraud and intimidation by Beltway connected con men and probably even U.S. 'intelligence'CONNECTED INDIVIDUALS THAT I DOUBT SERIOUSLY EVEN SADDAM HUSSEIN WOULD EVER HAVE VISITED UPON HIS ON PEOPLE.
No wonder I have endured anonymous death threats and even legal threats from Israeli citizen and Miami penny stock con artist Michael Zwebner and even though he sued Wolf Blitzer and CNN IN FLORIDA FOR $100 Million because I used an alias(wolfblitzzer0)somewhat similar to Blitzer's name, CNN and Blitzer paid a Florida attorney to defend themselves and left my life to be threatened while they remained silent (You WOULD think CNN being sued for $100 million would be news even they would report. )
In many ways under Bush-Cheney the U.S. has become a puppet of both Israel particularly its criminal under world,which probably in clude Russian mafia types,and Saudi Arabia who the sick man we call president Bush does 'sword dances' with the king of Saudi Arabia who kicks women like dogs.When will this madness stop ?
No wonder James Dale Davidson has run offshore money laundering scams with WORTHLESS U.S. PENNY STOCKS for years with impunity.And no wonder David P Summers who I had no idea was a Beltway banker has done the same while never disclosing Christopher Cox should be in jail but unfortunately the U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey is just as bad or worse - covering up the Israeli run U.S. penny stock scam ICTS International's role in 9/11 as guardian of Logan Airport in Boston as well as Marvin Bush and at least on Kuwait royal Al Sabah family member,while his son Marc is a law and business partner to ex NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani and their clients are mainly securities thieves from American to Israeli to Pakistani preying on U.S. investors.
And while one African-American actor faces serious jail time from IRS over perhaps $12 million in back taxes the far right criminals many suspect Middle Eastern ones are defrauding Americans with impunity and the help of law foirms such as Mukasey and Giuliani's And these frauds may total into the billions Americans want there country back and the criminal frauds and bloody murder of the Bush-Cheney regime to end.I hope you do to.
Meanwhile David Marchant the UK citizen posing as a former Bermuda journalist and claiming to be the KYC or 'know your client' expert that America needs in Florida is really in bed with AIG's Kroll Associates and who knows who offshore and censors negative mention of some banks and offshore firms with obviously criminal connections and actually let Crozier Bank use his name to promote themselves and defraud the unwary.It is rumored AIG's Kroll Asociates helped him to relocate and get his paper work to reside in Florida and promote the use of offshores to expatriate money that should remain in America.Just like criminal penny stock money launderers such as British and Israeli citizen Michael Zwebner and Titan Corp's Makram Chams the U.S. government is openly inviting the worst criminal elements to our shores giving them visas no questioned asked then demonizing Mexican laborors for the evil those they purposely let in do.Why?
- Tony Ryals

Mercantile to Buy Community Bank of Northern Virginia
Associated Press
Wednesday, January 26, 2005 Page E04
Mercantile Bankshares Corp. said yesterday that it agreed to acquire Community Bank of Northern Virginia in a $212 million cash and stock deal that would boost the financial company's presence in Northern Virginia.
The deal -- which comes on the same day Baltimore-based Mercantile announced that fourth-quarter profit rose almost 20 percent from the previous year -- adds 13 branches and a substantial presence in what the company considers an important high-growth market. Community Bank shareholders would receive 0.4005 Mercantile shares, or $20.375 in cash, for each Community Bank share they hold.
About 30 percent of Sterling-based Community Bank's shareholders have committed to vote in favor of the acquisition, and the deal would close in the second quarter pending regulatory approval, Mercantile said in a regulatory filing. The combined banks would have more than $14.88 billion in assets.
"The Washington, D.C., market has been one of increased focus for Mercantile. While we have made great progress to date, this acquisition significantly advances our plans for growth, specifically targeting the highly attractive Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Northern Virginia," said Edward J. Kelly III, chairman, president and chief executive of Mercantile Bankshares.
Community Bank was formed in 1991 to take over Community Bank Trust Co., a one-branch Sterling institution that had been declared insolvent by bank regulators. The company was organized by a group of former Dominion Bankshares Corp. officers and directors led by Joseph L. Malone and David P. Summers, who ran Dominion's operations in the Washington area in the 1980s. More than half of Community Bank's stock is owned by directors and officers, the biggest chunks held by William R. Easby-Smith and Norman C. Hardee, restaurateurs who control the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House chain and other restaurants in the Washington area.
Despite losses associated with a residential mortgage operation in 2001 and 2002, it has been profitable since at least 1999, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Its biggest business is commercial real estate lending.
Mercantile said it expects to eliminate 25 percent of Community Bank's operating expenses through consolidation and elimination in areas that overlap. Separately, Mercantile said it will combine two metropolitan affiliates, Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Co. and Mercantile Potomac Bank. Once the deal is completed, Community Bank's branches would become Mercantile Potomac outlets, Mercantile said.
Both banks also reported that fourth-quarter profit grew from last year. Mercantile posted profit of $60.6 million (76 cents a share), up 19.7 percent from $50.6 million (63 cents) a year earlier. Community Bank earned $2.4 million (23 cents), 14.3 percent more than the $2.1 million (21 cents) it earned in the fourth quarter of 2003.
Washington Post staff writer Terence O'Hara contributed to this report.
Thank you for taking the time to comment on this release.
Your comments for file number S7-19-07 were received on February 7, 2008.
Please save this page for your records.
Comments received from:
Tony Ryals
'Dr.' David P 'Naked Shorts' Summers a banker ?
Email: wolfblitzzer0 (at) gmail.com
Well I guess those here,(it appears most),who enjoy the pain and suffering of others,(particularly me),being defrauded, should enjoy this.I stopped by the old veeerrry old ragingbull.con scam 'message board' only to find the long time posters and touters who no doubt are themselves insiders to the fraud - (they never complained when my shares went to 0 on fraudulent claims of Endovasc shares being naked shorted and in fact that was their claim as well so no doubt they were being re-supplied with almost unending supplies of worthless shares to dump which I was not because they never cried ouch either)- complaining that 'Dr.' David P Summers had indeed reappeared and was using the very same 'nicotinic receptor' scam he got from Stanford University as well as James Dale Davidson's claim to having somehow re-discovered and re-patented the scam himself with 'Dr.' Summers in 2002 or 2003 which he then touted on his Agora Inc 'Vantage Point' tout site.
Anyway this is such a long convoluted lie and fraud I have been permanently sickened and poisoned by it,probably permanently.So it would appear now that Summers has with little fanfare repackaged the fraud into another scammy 'biotech' pump and dump shell called METABOLIC RESEARCH, INC..So in effect both Endovasc (EVSC now) and METABOLIC RESEARCH, INC. are both touting the same snake oil at the same time.
Uh but what the heil - the fraudsters posing as medical researchers at Stanford University had already done that
long before they asked Endovasc(at my request)to stop touting the Stanford nicotine 'angiogenesis' patent they claimed to be the patentors of I believe in 2004.However,funny or not so funny enough,the Stanford fraudsters 'Dr.' Chris Heeschen and 'Dr.'John Cooke(who themselves must have done well for themselves when the Israeli Grin brothers(Abraham and David and maybe one other,hee),touted and pumped the worthless shares to around $15 per share before they collapsed just as quickly.(AND AGAIN RIGHT ON AND AT 9/11 FROM 3 CENTS TO 24 CENTS )
But by 2004 'Dr.'John Cooke had found a new group of offshore scamsters or 'angel investors' and created a South San Francisco 'company' called Athenagen I believe it was and were no doubt planning to find another Nevada shell to pump and dump and launder offshore from - Asia maybe Kuala Lumpur or something like that.In fact I believe after I bashed their fraud publically here and on the indymedias that is why they changed their company name to something else and still kept on keeping on with the scam as far AS I KNOW - MEANING AT LEAST 3
SCAM 'COMPANIES' - Endovasc,METABOLIC RESEARCH, INC.,and what ever the new name for the Stanford scamsters company is - all claim to hold some right to the 'acetylcholine receptors' of my and yours' and everyones' cells ?
But HA IT GETS WORST All this chatter on ragingbull.con's
EVSC 'message board' led me to look at the METABOLIC RESEARCH, INC SEC filing mentioning the scamster Summers who always led
EVSC investors or suckers to believe he was a medical doctor or researchers with more patents than a general had medals.
I had some time ago ran across what I thought was another David P SUMMERS WHO WAS A BANKER(Community Bank of Northern Virginia),BUT I CONCLUDED THAT COULDN'T BE ENDOVASC'S David P SUMMERS .
However a very brief perusal of METABOLIC RESEARCH, INC.
filings that listed other insider relations of David P Summers tonight proved me wrong.Listed among the scam companies Summers has used to pump and dump and defraud investors besides the 'biotechs' AMERICAN BIOMED INC and Endovasc that he and the now deceased Dwight Cantrell along with James Dale Davidson and Judge Ken Reilly allowed the famed billionaire trial attorney John O'Quinn to deceive into believing their illegal pumps and dumps were really 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling'(a term I don't believe existed until 1999 that was when the claim was posted by an anonymous scamster on sec.gov then promoted over the internet by Davidson,et.al.) :
I never remember seeing Summers in an SEC filing that made that connection before(the bank - or now - banks).Well - I'm gonna be sick,I mean sicker.Yes indeed all these years Dr. or Mr. David P Summers playing at being a medical researcher and inventor of patents in Texas was leading a double life and no doubt more(I believe like James Dale Davidson he also has Beltway and probavbly CIA or NSA connections in order to run his frauds and scams so easily with the SEC's and Christopher
'Naked Shorts' Cox's blessings.In fact I believe Summers did make at least a cameo appearance in that Arkansas biotech scam the FBI appeared in as well as - was it the USXP or that golf
penny stock company what's his name posted about here a year or more ago ? Oh what a fraudulent web the weave - seemingly with the SEC's and CHRISTOPHER COX'S APPROVAL.
I do know around 9/11 that Summers released an Endovasc press release now unavailble on internet saying he was coincidentally in Washington D.C. AND NOT TEXAS AT THE TIME - SUPPOSEDLY DOING SOMETHING WITH THE FDA OR SOMETHING.ANYWAY THE POST 9/11 WORLD APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD TO HIM.How nice.
- Tony Ryals
Endovasc Inc (RB: EVSC)
EVSC Message list
By: v6premium
02 Feb 2008, 08:24 AM EST
Msg. 20669 of 20674
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Is this new or old ?? HELP
Should I buy with my winnings from EVSC ?
- - - - -
By: meangene53
02 Feb 2008, 09:20 PM EST
Msg. 20670 of 20674
(This msg. is a reply to 20669 by v6premium.)
Jump to msg. #
I noticed the eggplant extract in the ingredients.That's where they are getting the nicotine.It seems like Summers is ripping us off again.I thought we had the nicotine patent.Now that Summers may be making money how about Dottavio continuing to follow up on the lawsuit that isn't resolved yet.If I remember correctly Summers is still liable for the naked shorting and his fudiciary duties(or the lack thereoff).Interesting post V6.....mg
By: meangene53
02 Feb 2008, 09:30 PM EST
Msg. 20671 of 20674
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We've been fu%$## by Summers again.I don't know how our CEO can stand back and do nothing about this.Summers is rewarded for being a fraud and is back in business loading up his pockets while we've all been hoodwinked.How did he get away with it and when did it happen.All of his products are from EVSD/NDA Technology.We have the patent and I'm tired of Dottavio doing nothing....eom...Do I sound like endobutt now?.....lol
EVSC Message list Reply to msg.
By: v6premium
03 Feb 2008, 10:25 AM EST
Msg. 20672 of 20674
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Not endobutt ...
you are just asking good questions. I can only hope Dr. D reads these posts and is aware, unless it is just hopeless at this time or she is in on the scheme. One thing, sales of Endothil CR still seem to be strong and the product is well liked, not that any of that matters anymore.
By: meangene53
04 Feb 2008, 03:36 AM EST
Msg. 20673 of 20674
(This msg. is a reply to 20669 by v6premium.)
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I couldn't believe how long mtbr.ob has been around.By doing some research it looks attractive.....OH No,,Endovasc againRUN FOR YOUR LIFE
By: different_drummer0
04 Feb 2008, 11:41 AM EST
Msg. 20674 of 20674
(This msg. is a reply to 20673 by meangene53.)
Jump to msg. #
Interesting reads, y'all...
Sounds like a patent infringement to me...but what do I know?
Let's just hope Dr. D is aware of the situation.
As for the Endobutt comment: Nahhh. You'll need to repeat yourself here and via numerous free bulletin boards with numerous links "interlinking" to each other...THEN you're close to being an Endobutt-wannabe.
Well, how about Nige? Nah. You'll need to say "sheeples" several times too. Didn't do that, lol.
(To the newbies: Endobutt..a nickname toward his previous handle "Endoscam"...used to visit this board with volumes of negative postings then goes out in the Web and "deposits" like Johnny Appleseed).
So who has the time to do all that??? Endobutt, of course.
Records 1 - 25 of 103.
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Community Bank of Northern Virginia Announces Fourth Quarter 2004 and Record 2004 Net Income
Business Wire, Jan 25, 2005
STERLING, Va. -- Community Bank of Northern Virginia (Nasdaq:CBNV) today announced fourth quarter 2004 net income of $2.419 million, or $0.23 per diluted common share, compared to $2.143 million, or $0.21 per diluted common share for the same period last year, an increase of 13%. Return on average equity for the fourth quarter 2004 was 16.02% compared to 15.60% for the same period last year. Return on average assets for the fourth quarter 2004 was 1.08% compared to 1.13% for the same quarter last year.
For the year ended December 31, 2004, record net income of $9.119 million, or $0.88 per diluted common share, was achieved compared to $7.878 million, or $0.77 per diluted common share for the same period last year, an increase of 16%. Return on average equity for 2004 was 15.76% compared to 14.63% for 2003. Return on average assets for 2004 was 1.08% compared to 1.11% for the same period last year.
Commenting on 2004 results, David P. Summers, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are pleased to report record net income for 2004. We achieved strong loan and deposit growth even as competitive pressures became more intense in our marketplace. This milestone was also achieved despite a higher than normal net charge-off ratio. With asset quality improved at year-end 2004 and plans underway to further expand our Northern Virginia footprint, 2005 is expected to be another year of strong performance."
Key highlights of 2004 vs. 2003
................................................. david p summers METABOLIC RESEARCH, INChl=enct=clnkcd=1
Item 1.01
Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.
Assignment Agreement
In furtherance of the Assignment Agreement entered into between
Metabolic Research, Inc.(the "Registrant") and Dr. David P. Summers and T.W. Owen in Dated April 25, 2007, the Registrant obtained an exclusive, irrevocable, assignment of certain technologies relating to the use of fungi,
plants, or animals for the production of anti-inflammatory and analgesic
products for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. In consideration for the
assignment, the Registrant issued two million five hundred thousand shares of its common stock to Dr. Summers and T W
Item 3.02
Unregistered Sales of Equity Securities.
The disclosure set forth above under Item 1.01 (Entry into a Material
Definitive Agreement) is hereby incorporated by reference into this Item 3.02.
On April 25, 2007, the Registrant issued 2,500,000 shares of its common
stock to Dr. David P. Summers and T. W. Owen (1,250,000 shares to each of
Messrs. Summers and Owen). Such shares were issued pursuant to and in
accordance with the Assignment Agreement, dated April 25, 2007, between the
Registrant, Dr. Summers, and T W Owen. In consideration for the issuance of
such shares, Dr. Summers and T W Owen granted to the Registrant an assignment
to develop products based on the technologies described above under Item
1.01. The shares were issued pursuant to the exemption from registration
available under Section 4(2) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
The disclosure set forth above under Item 1.01 (Entry into a Material
Definitive Agreement) is hereby incorporated by reference into this Item 5.02.
Item 5.01
Change in Control.
On April 25, 2007, majority control of the company changed with Dr.
David P. Summers and T.W. Owen now controlling over 50% of the issued and
outstanding stock. On April 27, 2007, the Company began its reorganization by
incorporating in Nevada and redomiciling the Company in Nevada and filing its
Articles of Merger.
Item 5.02
Departure of Directors or Principal Officers Election of Directors
Appointment of Principal Officers.
On or about April 30, 2007, the Company appointed Dr. Summers as CEO,
President and Director and T.W. Owen as CFO, Secretary/Treasurer and Director.
From 1996 to 2004 Dr. Summers was Chairman of the Board, and CEO of
Endovasc, Inc., Montgomery, Texas. Dr. Summers founded the company and
commenced commercializing patents conveyed to the company. Since 2004, Dr.
Summers has been CEO of Partners In Science Holdings, Inc., a nutraceutical
research and development company. Dr. Summers educational background
includes: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Economics), Kennedy Western University,
1992 Doctor of Science (D.Sci, Medicine), Belford University, 1994 Master of
Business Administration (MBA) Pepperdine University, l984.
T.W. Owen has over 38 years of experience as a management and marketing
Neither T W Owen nor Dr. Summers has been affiliated with any company
that has filed for bankruptcy within the last five years. Neither of them has
any family relationships with each other or with any of the directors or other
executive officers of the Registrant. There were no transactions during the
last two years, or any proposed transactions, to which the Registrant was or
is to be a party, in which either T W Owen or Dr. Summers had or is to have a
direct or indirect material interest.
8-K Last Page of 3 TOC 1st Previous Next Bottom Just 3rd
Item 9.01
Financial Statements and Exhibits.
(a) Financial statements of businesses acquired.
Not Applicable
(b) Pro forma financial information.
Not Applicable
(c) Shell company transactions.
Not Applicable
(d) Exhibits.
Exhibit No. Description
10.3 Assignment Agreement, dated April 25, 2007,
among the Registrant, Dr. David P. Summers and
T.W. Owen
Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the
Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned, hereunto duly authorized.
Date: May 3, 2007
Dr. David P. Summers
By /s/----------------------
Dr. David P. Summers
Chief Executive Officer,
and Director
................................................ david p summers METABOLIC RESEARCH, INChl=enct=clnkcd=7
Dr. David P. Summers
Dr. David P. Summers serves as our Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. Dr. Summers has served in this capacity on a full-time basis since our inception and is primarily responsible for our operations as a whole. Prior to working with Endovasc, Dr. Summers founded American BioMed, Inc. and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer from 1984 to 1995.
Dr. Summers is a Fellow in the American College of Angiology, a Fellow in the International Society for Endovascular Surgery, as well as the inventor of several medical devices used to treat cardiovascular diseases. He is the author of 25 issued patents and has 8 patents pending. Prior to founding American BioMed, Dr. Summers assisted with the management of several corporations, including C.R. Bard, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of cardiovascular medical products Karl Stortz Endoscopy, an endoscopic instrument company and Pall Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of blood filtration products.
Dr. Summers holds an M.B.A. degree from Pepperdine University as well as a Ph.D. in International Economics from Kennedy-Western University. He is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Association of Advancement of Science, the Houston Inventors Association, the European Vascular Society and the Society of Plastic Engineers.
M. Dwight Cantrell
M. Dwight Cantrell serves as our Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Director. Mr. Cantrell has maintained, and continues to maintain, a public accounting practice in the state of Texas since 1976. Mr. Cantrell is a public accountant. He has an extensive background in the banking and venture capital markets and is a member of the Association of Biotech Financial Officers. He has served as CFO since 1997.
Dr. Diane Dottavio
Dr. Diane Dottavio serves as our Director of Research and Development. Prior to joining us in March 2000, Dr. Dottavio served as Senior Scientist with Leukosite, Inc., from 1994 to 1996, and as Director of Laboratory Instruction and Research at the University of Houston, from 1996 to 2000. Ms. Dottavio holds a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Organic Chemistry from the University of New Mexico, as well as a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Texas.

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