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News :: Protest Activity

Blackwater Protest: Protestors Drive Blood-spattered Car onto Blackwater Property

Seven activists are arrested after driving onto Blackwater's property to protest the military contractor's presence in Iraq. 50 others vigil along road.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : Protest Activity

Thousands March & Rally on Prince William County

Yesterday, Sunday September 3rd, 2007, more than seven thousand immigrants and supporters marched and rallied in Prince William County to demonstrate and demand that the County Board of Supervisors rescind the antimigrant resolution passed on July 10. | Photos | Audio 1, 2 | Video

2nd article: Latino Community Fights for it's Rights; Solidarity Welcome

3rd article: Mexicanos Sin Fronteras & Immigrant Community Condemns KKK Organizing

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News :: Labor & Class : Protest Activity

Call for Prince WIlliam County boycott at Falls Church immigrant solidarity event

Ricardo of Mexicanos Sins Fronteras spoke at the Falls Church event welcoming the Immigrant Solidarity Caravan. In a portion of his speech he called for the planned August 27-Sep 3 boycott of non-immigrant owned businesses in Prince William County. No Potomac Mills, No 7-11, no Wal-Mart-NADA!

Audio: 3 min 58 seconds

Audio: Balance of Speech: 13 min

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Announcement :: Housing

Fight for Public Housing August 4th

The Richmond Tenants' Organization (RTO), with support from the Legal Aid Justice Center and the Richmond NAACP, invites you to join us at a public event to raise awareness regarding public housing redevelopment.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Labor & Class

7/27-29 Richmond, VA: National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conf. Please Come!

Yesterday We Marched, Today We Organized, Tomorrow We'll Achieve Our Dreams and Goals! Together We Build A New National, Broad-Based, Immigrant Rights/Civil Rights Movement!

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News :: Miscellaneous

Virginia Social Forum: 4th Annual Gathering of The People United

Regional Activist Gathering
Outside of Charlottesville, VA
June 22nd - 24th
Focus on War, Prisons, Immigration and Racism
(434) 906-0421

In less than 3 weeks we’ll be setting up at Shannon Farm for the 4th
Annual People United Gathering. We’ve put a lot of work into providing a
space and agenda for a great weekend of building relationships, educating
ourselves and strengthening our visions, strategies and tactics.

Inspired by the World Social Forum that over the past seven years has
brought together grassroots organizers and non-profit workers, youth,
longtime activists and cultural workers all under the banner of “Another
World is Possible!? - there will be the first ever US Social Forum this
June 27-July 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with other regions across the
country, The People United is using this opportunity to build on the great
work to be done in Georgia by creating space for activists across the
state to start planning so that another Virginia is possible. If you want
to gain a regional perspective before heading off to Atlanta or want to
participate in local movement building for social justice we need you at
the Virginia Social Forum!

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News :: Children : Education

NRC needs your help to recieve city funding for montessori school


I have some exciting news! The Neighborhood Resource Center has been included in the City's upcoming budget, and we are set to receive $30,000 for the Montessori Pre-School program! BUT - we need your help to CONTACT THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL before they vote on the budget next Tuesday, May 29th. Let them know the NRC needs that money.

see article on NRC's Montessori school

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Announcement :: Miscellaneous

Memorial to Jonny Z

A memorial to the life of a cherished friend to Richmond, VA.


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News :: Labor & Class : Protest Activity

Support William and Mary Workers and Students!

Last November, the students of the Tidewater Labor Support Committee (TLSC) joined campus workers to oppose a proposed six-day workweek and demand a campus policy giving workers a voice in administrative decisions that affect them. The six-day workweek policy was tabled, and we were told there would be exploring of solutions as a community.

Since then, we've been talking to he administration and to the workers. Every worker we've talked to tells us conditions are bad the are understaffed, threatened with mandatory overtime and mandatory weekend hours and some have been threatened with termination for trying to unionize.

Our President admits that there are problems, but when it comes to solutions, he says his hands are tied.

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Commentary :: Crime & Police : Race & Ethnicity

What May Come: Asian Americans and the Virginia Tech Shootings

Like many, I was glued to the television news yesterday, keeping updated about the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech University. I was trying to deal with my own disgust and sadness, especially since my professional life as a graduate student and college instructor is tied to universities. And then the other shoe dropped. I found out from a friend that the news channel she was watching had reported the shooter as Asian. It has now been reported, after much confusion, that the shooter is Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean immigrant and Virginia Tech student.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Protest Activity

Palumbo Charges of Criminal Trespass Dismissed

Charges of criminal trespass against Tom Palumbo, arrested while attempting to deliver a petition of signatures against funding for the troop "surge" to Representative Thelma Drake's Virginia Beach office on February 22nd, are dropped after the plaintiff fails to appear in court. Following the dismissal, Palumbo and his supporters respond with successful, second attempt to deliver signatures with media in attendance.

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

3/19: Call to Action! Die- Ins Monday!


Monday, March 19th
Downtown Richmond


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